Industrial Cyber Security Training Course for Technicians in Industry 4.0

Target groups

High level technicians/ engineers (EQF level 5 and above) and operational workers in industry.


Training course in cyber security awareness and responsiveness for current and future technicians/ engineers (EQF level 5+) who will work with/alongside Industrial 4.0 Control Systems.


30-50 hours of training.

Learning outcomes

The flexible didactic modules provide an overview of the most important concepts associated with the area of Industrial security.

Upon completion of the training course, the participant is expected to:

  • Understand the main differences between security policies that are carried out in IT environments and OT environments.
  • Analyze the main vulnerabilities and threats that can be suffered in industrial environments.
  • Know the different types of attacks that can be made to an OT network or a critical infrastructure.
  • Introduce the most important aspects associated with the protection of critical infrastructures and current regulations.
  • Describe the main countermeasures that can be included to strengthen industrial networks and protocols.

Supporting materials

Practical Cyber Security Guide for technicians covering the fundamentals of cyber security for Industrial Systems. A complementary handbook in the form of a Quick Guide, summarizing the main risks and steps to follow for technicians working around digital control systems in Industry 4.0.


Certificate of Attendance template